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Sticker Sheets


Our printed sticker sheet standard sizes (in inches) listed below, are the most commonly used in the industry. Contact us for custom sizing options.
  • 0.5x1.75 (96 per sheet)

  • 1.5” round (30 per sheet)

  • 1.8x2.6 (16 per sheet)

  • 1” round (63 per sheet)

  • 2.5” round (12 per sheet)

  • 2.5x2.5 (12 per sheet)

  • 2” round (20 per sheet)

  • 2x2 (20 per sheet)

Paper, Color and Coating Options

Sticker sheets are available in 3 different sheet options:

  • Gloss Sheets

  • Polyester Sheets

  • Regular Paper Sheets

Finishing Options
There is no finishing option for sticker sheets.
Marketing Tips
Sticker sheets are a great advertisement tool for your company, and are an ideal addition for mass packaging distribution.  They are also a fun way to draw attention to your product. Consider sticker sheets as an addition to your company's advertising needs.