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Presentation Folders
Our Printed Presentation Folders Sizes

Our printed presentation folders standard sizes (in inches), listed below, are the most commonly used in the industry. Contact us for custom sizing options.

  • 6 x 9 (mini folders)

  • 9 x 12 (for standard page size documents)

  • 9 x 14.5 (for legal page size documents)

Paper, Color and Coating Options
Presentation folders are printed on 130# card stock paper. They can either be printed in full color on the outside only with the inside being blank, or full color outside and full color inside. Printing full color inside gives your presentation folder a nice design twist. It’s more common to find presentation folders on the outside only though. They can be either matte (flat like look and feel) or UV coated (high gloss look and feel).
Presentation Folders Finishing Options
  • Presentation Folders come with either 1 or 2 interior pockets. Business Card slits are optional on one or both pockets.

    • 1 Pocket right side with Business Cards Slits

    • 1 Pocket right side without Business Card Slits

    • 2 Pockets without Business Card slits

    • 2 Pockets with Business Card slits both sides

    • 2 Pockets with Business Card slits left side

    • 2 Pockets with Business Card slits right side

Presentation Folders Marketing Tips

Presentation Folders are a tool designed to package and organize several other pieces of printing. In addition to the standard folder design, Presentation Folders have 1 or 2 pockets on the inside to hold your materials. They also offer convenient corner slots on the interior pockets to make it easy to include a business card.

Presentation Folders help you professionally organize and package your printed materials. You can use them in one-on-one meetings or with large groups to ensure consistent organization. They make it easy for your recipients to keep all of the material you provide together in an easily transportable and organized way. Presentation Folders also offer you a nice sized canvas to emphasize your brand or reinforce your message.

Presentation Folders work for a wide range of uses from seminars to sales kits. Don't plan a meeting or give someone several pieces of printing without Presentation Folders.